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Release time:2014-05-09Browse the number:3791

Brand logo:Saltus

Brand introduction:

Was established in 1919. As an innovative tool expert saltus a high-quality many patented products have introduced market new problems and solutions. The company's standard tools and mechanical torque wrench has always been favored. In addition to the traditional hand tools, electric tools at the same time, the company also produces special tools used under extreme conditions and special tools for personal use. In addition, sharp,,, saltus also specializes in the production of electronic torque wrench and provide electronic fastening solutions.

Hui Jiajie mainly supply saltus electric torque wrench, saltus mechanical torque wrench saltus electric tools saltus saltus deburring tool pliers,,,, saltus blade





The main models:

Germany SaltusDC-1/15-85NM/3802100000+1560000303+3800000000

Germany Saltusnr.628115005 (150s) LOT mbeoeb

Germany Saltus410-7664-023 / 8 "square hole 4; SW5 6 angle (155mm)8602002765

Germany Saltus7210842

Germany Saltus7210843

Germany's SaltusDrive DIN 3121-g10-thread M6

Germany's SaltusDrive DIN 3121-g10-thread M8

Germany's SaltusDrive DIN 3121-g10-thread M10

Germany's SaltusDrive DIN 3121-g10-thread M12

Germany Saltus1590001156

Germany Saltus3450180005DAZ-T/TA

The German SaltusDC-00,2-25NM, 20/DC-10

Germany SaltusDC-E

Germany Saltus1560000303

Germany Saltus3800000000

Germany Saltus410-8261-02/5 3/8 4; SW5 8602002842 "

Germany Saltus410-8702-01/5 3/8 4; SW5 8699004396 "

Germany Saltus1590001156

Germany Saltus3450170100

Germany Saltus3450180005DAZ-T



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