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Brand logo:Schenck

Brand introduction:

Schenck Group (Schenck Process GmbH) was founded in 1881, is headquartered in Germany Damm Stuart (Darmstadt), has a long history of more than 100 years, in China, Australia, Canada, Brazil, USA, Japan, South Africa, India and other 33 countries with offices and subsidiaries.
Schenck Group has 130 years of industrial products manufacturing experience, in this 100 years, Schenck has been used CSD brand logo. Its products and solutions are widely used in weighing and feeding, screening, automatic control and other fields, and by virtue of advanced design, superior innovation ability and pursuing high quality standards, by the industry recognized by customers.
Schenck and cooperation of China can be traced back to 1982, when China's first batch of Schenck company to provide vibration sieve. 2001 start Schenck group large-scale enter the China market, in 2002 set up a wholly owned subsidiary of Schenck process (Tianjin) Industrial Technology Co., Ltd, and set up branches in Beijing, Xi'an, Taiyuan, Xuzhou, ordos.
Therefore a mining, in China's heavy industry, light industry, electric power and transportation automation five Division and design team and after-sales service centers, and set up a production base in Tianjin Xiqing Economic Development Zone, its products and services related to coal, steel, nonferrous metals, mining, cement, chemical, food, electricity, transportation automation industry. Turbine manufacturing industry, aerospace industry, trade settlement and other fields.
Main products: vibration mass flowmeter, sieve, centrifuge, valves, weighing sensor, filter, solid flowmeter.
1.Schenck mass flowmeter

Schenck mass flowmeter


Application field:

The design is used to obtain the flow measuring system and the cumulative amount of the MULTICOR phase, Coriolis mass flowmeter is suitable for the powder materialthrough measurement and consumption.

- through measurement and consumption

Measurement - cumulant and batch

2.Schenck weighing sensor


Schenck weighing sensor

Application field:

Applicable to all kinds of weighing and batching system. Matched with the following equipment for weighing and batching or batch processing: pulverized coal weigher,quantitative feeder, belt scale measurement, solid flowmeter, weightlessness balance,static weighing system and all kinds of.

3.Schenck centrifuge


Schenck centrifuge

Application field

Schenck SCC series horizontal vibrating centrifuge with high throughput, high recovery, low running cost, low maintenance, low vibration, high cost performance and other characteristics, practice proved suitable for high efficient centrifugal dehydrationof products in a variety of coal washing and processing conditions, completely suitable for work in the wet under hard conditions.

4.Schenck solid flowmeter

schenck solid flowmeter

Application field

Schenck SCC series horizontal vibrating centrifuge with high throughput, highrecovery, low running cost, low maintenance, low vibration, high cost performance andother characteristics, practice proved suitable for high efficient centrifugal dehydrationof products in a variety of coal washing and processing conditions, completely suitablefor work in the wet under hard conditions.

4.Schenck solid flowmeter


The main models:

The B80 electrode







S450 / R450

S800 / R800

RTN series

RTB series

PWS series

VBB series

DMA series

DMA series

Weigh beam series



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