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Brand logo:Schmersal

Brand introduction:

Schmersal company K.A. Schmersal GmbH is a professional production of industriallow voltage switch and machine control components Inc, located in Germany Wupa talCity, founded in 1945. After decades of continuous development and innovation of technology and products, Shi Mai surpasses the company has developed into a globalcorporation, which owns: schmersal industrial switchgear (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Eron(Elan) switch Cmi Holdings Ltd, Brazil ACE Schmersal Electronic Industry Co Ltd. The world has about 1300 people, with annual sales of 130000000 euros.

Main products: SCHMERSAL safety switch, SCHMERSAL inductive sensor,SCHMERSAL limit switch, SCHMERSAL relay, SCHMERSAL security module

1 SCHMERSAL safety switch

schmersal safety switch


2. SCHMERSAL limit switch

schmersal limit switch


3. SCHMERSAL security module


schmersal Low voltage switch


4. SCHMERSAL Proximity switch

schmersal Proximity switch

The main models:



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