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Release time:2014-05-09Browse the number:3355

Brand logo:Springride

Brand introduction:

SPRINGRIDE DUNLOP group brand, products are widely used in papermaking, power plant, railway, petrochemical and other industries.

The main products for the pneumatic tyre, air bag.                   

   Springride Pneumatic balloon




The main models:

DA 12'*2

DF 16'1/4*2

S12200  12"*2, :-40- +70 ℃,进气R3/4”

SP1003 10x2"assembled bellow"open" without plates working temperature:-40℃- +70℃

SP1218 8"x1rubber only working temperature:-40-+70℃

SP1490 8"x2


SP1537  8"*1 assembly(A complete set)

SP1538 10"*2assembly(A complete set)

SP1556 14 1/2“x2

SP2325 4 1/2"

SP2334 4"1/2*1

SP2453 4 1/2"

SP255 10x2"rubber only working temperature:-40-+70℃




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