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Brand logo:Wandres

Brand introduction:

Wandres company is specializing in the production of fine clean dust in addition to static equipment manufacturer in the world leading position in this field. The companywas established in 1981, since then the company has expanded rapidly, has set up production bases in Germany, the United States, and set up in the world has more than 20 offices.


Wandres Sword type brush

1, the scope of application of Wandres products

On the web with continuity and continuity is not sheet are in addition to electrostatic dust treatment.

At present, widely used in furniture manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, non-ferrous metal and stainless steel plate industry, flat-panel LCD TV industry, plastic industry, flat glass industry, printing and paper industry.

2, product introduction

1) the sword type brush (BI..46, BI..47) - used in sheet metal, paper, film, roller,conveyor belt and other products clean sword type brush such as the use of air cushion device can clean the maximum plane concave depth is 4mm.

2) TCD..46 overhead single cleaning equipment (composed by the 2 groups of BI..46or BI..47 from the middle to both sides is cleaned clean object.

3) TCS46 used in screen printing industry cleaning

4) WBD46 applied to the coil (double side cleaning equipment, composed by up and down the 2 group of BI..46 or BI..47 from the middle to both sides is a cleaning objectcleaning).

5) CF05: applied to sheet

The main models:



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