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Brand logo:ABB

Brand introduction:

ABB group in 1988 by the Swedish company ASEA and the Swiss BBCBrown Boveri company merger, electrical engineering group is a business throughout the world, ABB is a global leader in power and automation technology field, is committed to providing customers with the industry and power industry solutions, help customers to improve their performance, while reducing the adverse impact on the environment. The ABB group of companies around the world more than 100 countries, with 107000 employees. Provide service for global customers in more than 100 countries. ABB group, more than half of the turnover from the European market; nearly 1/4 from Asia, the Middle East and Africa; 1/5 from north and South America market.

The main products: driver, transformer, sensor, transformer, inverter, motor etc.

1 ABB driver


    ABB driver

2 ABB transformer


    ABB transformer



    3 ABB motor

    ABB motor





The main models:

The main types of ABB inverter:

S510 IP21 series inverter

ACS510-01-03A3-4 ACS510-01-04A1-4 ACS510-01-05A6-4 ACS510-01-07A2-4 ACS510-01-09A4-4 ACS510-01-012A-4 ACS510-01-017A-4 ACS510-01-025A-4 ACS510-01-031A-4

ACS510-01-038A-4 ACS510-01-046A-4 ACS510-01-045A-4 ACS510-01-060A-4 ACS510-01-072A-4 ACS510-01-088A-4ACS510-01-096A-4 ACS510-01-125A-4 ACS510-01-124A-4 ACS510-01-157A-4 ACS510-01-180A-4 ACS510-01-195A-4

ACS510 IP54 series inverter

ACS510-01-03A3-4+B055 ACS510-01-04A1-4+B055 ACS510-01-05A6-4+B055 ACS510-01-07A2-4+B055 ACS510-01-09A4-4+B055 ACS510-01-012A-4+B055 ACS510-01-017A-4+B055

ACS510-01-025A-4+B055 ACS510-01-031A-4+B055 ACS510-01-038A-4+B055 ACS510-01-046A-4+B055 ACS510-01-045A-4+B055 ACS510-01-060A-4+B055 ACS510-01-072A-4+B055

ACS510-01-088A-4+B055 ACS510-01-096A-4+B055 ACS510-01-125A-4+B055 ACS510-01-124A-4+B055 ACS510-01-157A-4+B055 ACS510-01-180A-4+B055 ACS510-01-195A-4+B055

ACS550 IP21 series inverter

ACS550-01-03A3-4 ACS550-01-04A1-4 ACS550-01-05A4-4 ACS550-01-06A9-4 ACS550-01-08A8-4 ACS550-01-012A-4 ACS550-01-015A-4 ACS550-01-023A-4 ACS550-01-031A-4

ACS550-01-038A-4 ACS550-01-045A-4 ACS550-01-044A-4 ACS550-01-059A-4 ACS550-01-072A-4 ACS550-01-087A-4 ACS550-01-096A-4 ACS550-01-125A-4 ACS550-01-124A-4

ACS550-01-157A-4 ACS550-01-180A-4 ACS550-01-195A-4

ACS550 IP54 series inverter

ACS550-01-03A3-4+B055 ACS550-01-04A1-4+B055 ACS550-01-05A4-4+B055 ACS550-01-06A9-4+B055 ACS550-01-08A8-4+B055 ACS550-01-012A-4+B055









ACS 1000

ACS 5000 air-cooled

ACS 2000



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