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Release time:2014-05-13Browse the number:2298

Brand logo:Blackmer

Brand introduction:

More than a century, USA Blackmer company has represented and unique product quality in the technical field of fluid, excellent service and support, timely innovation and ensure commitment to total customer satisfaction.

Now, in addition to the famous brand of sliding vane pump, Blackmer company also provides advanced fluid technology system products, including oil-free gas compressor, centrifugal pump, the eccentric pump, peristaltic pump, screw type compressor, should be in the liquefied gas, anhydrous ammonia, carbon dioxide and various industrial gases industry.

Oil-free gas compressor horse company, propane, butane in transportation, anhydrous ammonia and other liquefied gases, has high efficiency. Application of truck and they are suitable for train tanker phase recovery. These single stage reciprocating compressor, can play the efficacy and reliability of the largest in extremely adverse operating conditions, all bearing components are ductile iron, can resist the impact of thermal and mechanical. They are very easily in the design of repair and maintenance, and all the parts are very easy to contact and work.

According to the different types of capacity from 7 to 125cfm (11.9 to 212m3/h). The working pressure up to 425psig (2931kPa).

The main models:

滑片滑片泵NP3F 4/1R G0/1/4/2/0-0/0-0/X  滑片09184










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