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Brand logo:Di-soric

Brand introduction:

   The German di-soric Corporation is a professional engaged in standard and special sensor development and production company, is committed to providing the application scheme of industrial automation products and technical support. The company has successfully industry more than 29 years of experience, now has become one of the world's largest producer of sensor.

Today, already has more than 180 employees working for the German company di-soric. Our head office is located in the eastern German city of Stuttgart Urbach. The development and production of the charge is located in the south of Dortmund city L denscheid factory. In Germany alone there are hundreds of customers are using di-soric products.

The most famous and popular flagship products, one of the. We will continue to provide more extensive more efficient products. We built a new production line will provide "di-soric lights" service for you. It will meet all kinds of special product design requirements of customers. There are more than 35 engineers and technical staff look forward to providing you with technical advice and help you solve various problems in germany. Overseas at the same time, we also have more than 40 qualified certification dealers help you solve all kinds of problems.

No matter when and where, the professional team will be ready to provide you with the best quality service. Our professional technical personnel will provide on-site service for you; we call the Advisory Service and prompt delivery of goods on time, one of the many factors we just make the customer satisfied.

Main products: di-soric sensor, di-soric industrial lighting, di-soric proximity switch, photoelectric switch, di-soric di-soric bar code identification device etc.

1.di-soric sensors, including diffuse reflection sensor, mirror reflection sensor, high performance sensors and radar sensor, angle sensor etc.

    di-soric sensor

    2.di-soric industrial sources, including a point light source, backlight, strip light source, light source, light source, stainless steel ring, coaxial source such as a UV light source

    di-soric Industrial lighting



 3.di-soric visual system, including laser line scanning bar code recognizer, visual barcode recognizer, handheld barcode recognition etc.

    di-soric  vision system






  4.di-soric switch, photoelectric switch, proximity switch, comprising a detection switch, magnetic sensitive switch etc.

    di-soric switch






The main models:

OTV 4.0 V 10 P1K

OTV 4.0 V 10 N1K

OTV 4.0 V 10 P1K-TSSL

OTV 4.0 V 10 N1K-TSSL

OTV 4.0 V 20 P1K

OTV 4.0 V 20 N1K

OTV 4.0 V 20 P1K-TSSL

OTV 4.0 V 20 N1K-TSSL

OTV 4.0 V 50 P1K

OTV 4.0 V 50 N1K

OTV 4.0 V 50 P1K-TSSL

OTV 4.0 V 50 N1K-TSSL

OTV 05 V 10 P1K

OTV 05 V 10 N1K

OTV 05 V 10 P1K-TSSL

OTV 05 V 10 N1K-TSSL

OTV 05 V 20 P1K-TSSL

OTV 05 V 20 N1K-TSSL

OTV 05 V 50 P1K

OTV 05 V 50 N1K

OTV 05 V 50 P1K-TSSL

OTV 05 V 50 N1K-TSSL

OTV Q5 M 20 P1LK

OTV Q5 M 20 N1LK

OTV Q5 M 50 P1LK

OTV Q5 M 50 N1LK

OTV 12 M 300 P1K-IBSL

OTV 12 M 300 N1K-IBSL

OTV 12 M 300 P2K-IBSL

OTV 12 M 300 N2K-IBSL

ORV 12 M 1500 P1K-IBSL

ORV 12 M 1500 N1K-IBSL

ORV 12 M 1500 P2K-IBSL

ORV 12 M 1500 N2K-IBSL

OSV 12 M 10000-IBSL

OEV 12 M 10000 P1K-IBSL

OEV 12 M 10000 N1K-IBSL

OEV 12 M 10000 P2K-IBSL

OEV 12 M 10000 N2K-IBSL

OLS Q10 M 500-TSSL

OLE Q10 M 500 P1K-TSSL

OLE Q10 M 500 N1K-TSSL

OLE Q10 M 500 P2K-TSSL

OLE Q10 M 500 N2K-TSSL

OLS Q10 M 2000-TSSL

OLE Q10 M 2000 P1K-TSSL

OLE Q10 M 2000 N1K-TSSL

OLE Q10 M 2000 P2K-TSSL

OLE Q10 M 2000 N2K-TSSL

OLS Q15 V 2000-TSSL

OLE Q15 V 2000 P3K-TSSL

OLE Q15 V 2000 N3K-TSSL

OLS Q15 V 50000-TSSL

OLE Q15 V 50000 P3K-TSSL

OLE Q15 V 50000 N3K-TSSL




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