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Brand logo:Micro-Epsilon

Brand introduction:

    Displacement sensor in today's era of high technology, has been widely used in various research and industrial field, in order to complete the various geometrical quantity measurement task. Iridium Germany meters Precision Measuring Technology Co., Micro-Epsilon Messtechnik GmbHCo.KG in product R & D and production, has 40 years of experience. Continuous innovation for 40 years, so that in the field of position measurement precision displacement, reached the international leading position, become recognized as the academic and industrial circles is reliable and powerful partners.

Germany meter iridium MICRO-EPSILON is a efficient management mechanism of medium-sized enterprises: on the one hand, it is a high-tech company unceasingly enterprising, have a special sensor developed strong technical strength, to meet the needs of different users special requirements on sensor; on the other hand, it is also an experienced manufacturer, has with a strong production capacity, can be completed to high-volume OEM product production from one special products.

Germany meter iridium MICRO-EPSILON strength is also reflected in the diversity of its product categories, from a laser displacement sensor, capacitive displacement sensor, eddy current displacement sensor, a pull rope displacement sensor, sensor, laser confocal spectral confocal sensor, to complete the measurement test equipment for telecommunications complex information integration, can adapt to different users on the measurement, inspection and the special requirements of automatic control.

Meter iridium MICRO-EPSILON years of experience of Germany and efficient enterprise mechanism, ensure the perfect market demand, R & D and production of the three links with. Germany meter iridium displacement sensor series by the laws of physics different, such as eddy current principle, the principle of capacitance, optical principle, constant pull rope principle and inductive principle and so on, can contact measurement or non contact measurement of displacement, distance, position, vibration, dimensions, tolerances and geometrical thickness etc.. The technical transformation and innovation to continue for many years, so that Germany meter iridium the advantages and disadvantages of different measurement principle and its application has a wealth of experience.

Main products: MICRO-EPSILON displacement sensor, MICRO-EPSILON industrial sensor etc.

1.MICRO-EPSILON displacement sensor

    ,Micro-Epsilon sensor

    Micro-Epsilon sensor



    2 MICRO-EPSILON industrial sensor

    Micro-Epsilon sensor




The main models:















scanCONTROL 2700/2710

scanCONTROL 2800/2810







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