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Brand logo:Junkosha

Brand introduction:

    Junkosha was founded in 1954, with polymer products production and sales, which at the time attracted intense interest as a high-tech materials in japan. Since then, Junkosha and unswervingly promote the research and development of the technology as the focus, successfully developed the world's first melting fluoropolymer (FEP) products in 1961, the introduction of the JUNFLON FEP JUNFLON tube and FEP wire and cable. With the advent of the computer age, through these products, wire and cable, Junkosha FEP provides excellent electrical characteristics, especially as the leading factor, with the widely accepted, support in the Japanese market and overwhelming market. In 1969, Junkosha company and the United States Gore a technology partnership. The high performance of this strategic move to expand and strengthen the business of Junkosha, high reliability products field, and lead to the acquisition of new manufacturing technology PTFE fluoropolymer. Junkosha continues to develop, and to bring to market is to meet the unique product demand inheritance. These products include oil leak detectors, microwave coaxial cable use, medical tube, super high speed coaxial cable with transmission speed is the fastest in the world (95% of the speed of light), and the products of micro coaxial cable assembly for use, such as notebook computer and mobile phone. Now, Junkosha development and based on the broad market sales fluoropolymer products hyperpolymer. Its products play a positive role in the frontier of global different industries, from electronics to precision machinery to medical care, as well as energy, the environment, marine and aerospace.

The main products: coating of pipe, coating of pipe joint

Mainly engaged in the following categories:

A wire, cable

1) industrial corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, aging resistance, no burning of wire and cable of (Hook-up Wire)

2) robot cables of various (Robot Cable)

3) all kinds of superfine multi core coaxial cable, used in ultrasonic machine probe, electronic endoscope etc.. (Small Gauge Coax)

4) the camera is connected with the cable assembly (Cameralink Cable Assemblies)

5) applicable to the semiconductor equipment clean cable (Clean Cable)

6) apply to Agilent, microwave and millimeter wave coaxial cable network analyzer instrument by Rod Schwarz (Microwave Coaxial Cable Assemblies)

The two hose, connector

1) nylon tube (Nylon Tube), products are As1, As2, As4, Ac1, Ac2 etc..

2) polyurethane tube (Polyurethane Tube), products are US, UH, UF, UC etc..

3) polyurethane coil pipe and the exhaust pipe (Polyurethane Coil.Flat Tube), products are UT, UTF, UFF etc..

4) double tube (Two-layered, Tube), products are UP1, AP1, AP4 etc..

5) fluorine resin pipe and coil pipe (Fluoropolymer Tube, Coil Tube), product types include PFA, FEP etc..

6) fluorine resin heat exchanger.

7) fluorine resin heat shrinkable tube (Fluoropolymer Heat-shrinkable tube), products are NF (FEP heat shrinkable tube), NFL (FEP fine heat shrinkable tube).

8) instant fittings, brass fittings, stainless steel fittings (Instant Fitting, Brass Fitting, Stainless Fitting).

Mainly engaged in the field of medical, semiconductor, communication, aerospace, precision machining equipment, robots etc..

MWX0 series: in the first stage, stable measuring

Cable world class with high stability considerably by bending and temperature fluctuations in the microwave measurement environment

Cable sheath to guarantee excellent mechanical properties.

[main use]

O microwave measurement, when stressed by high phase stability by bending and temperature fluctuation

The requirement of O phase calibration stability high reliability




Cable name maximum usable frequency

MWX02126. 5GHz between

MWX05150. 0GHz

MWX06167. 0GHz

MWX1 series: heat resistant measure

Operating temperature range cable assembly support microwave measurement environment wide. Connector with high durability.

[main use]

O microwave measurement requires a wide temperature range for equipment like assessment application compatibility

O requires high durability test




Cable name maximum usable frequency

MWX12126. 5GHz between

MWX2 series: flexible measurement

The measurement of environmental cable assembly developed light microwave / millimeter wave, provide high phase stability and resistance to bending. (applicable temperature range of -30 DEG C to +85 DEG C extended use)

Flexibility and low repulsion reducing load object measurement.

Four kinds of cable types are available, depending on the maximum usable frequency (26500 MHz, 40000 MHz, 50 GHz and 67000 MHz).

[main use]

O microwave / millimeter wave measurement

Measurement of micro O devices require high flexibility



Cable name maximum usable frequency

MWX22126. 5GHz between

MWX24140. 0GHz

MWX25150. 0GHz

MWX26167. 0GHz

MWX3 series: used for wiring of electronic equipment

Using expanded polytetrafluoroethylene as the dielectric material, provides the high phase stability and temperature fluctuations in the environment. Cable assembly

(applicable temperature range of -65 degrees C to +125 degrees C (-30 degrees C to +85 degrees C for MWX315 long time use))

The seven cable types are available, depending on the maximum usable frequency and insertion loss.

[main use]

O in communication satellites and ground stations, aircraft, air traffic control equipment, electronic equipment and electronic equipment

O ships and equipment are susceptible to electronic equipment signal leakage or interference



Cable name maximum usable frequency

MWX31118. 5GHz

MWX31218. 5GHz

MWX31318. 5GHz

MWX31418. 5GHz

MWX31518. 0GHz

MWX32126. 5GHz between

MWX34140. 0GHz

MWX4, 5 Series: fixed wiring

Microwave band coaxial cable assemblies for internal and between equipment for fixed wiring up to 40 GHz. (applicable temperature range of -30 DEG C to +85 DEG C extended use)

High formability (shape retention), ensure convenient wiring are lower than the semi-rigid cable insertion loss.

Standard connector is directly connected to SMA (M).

A wide range of other connectors are available upon request, to meet the specific needs of.

[main use]

O fixed communication equipment, including a wiring base station equipment

O is used in the research and development of circuit board fixed wiring



Cable name maximum usable frequency

MWX41118. 5GHz


MWX44140. 0GHz

MWX46167. 0GHz

MWX51118. 5GHz

MWX51218. 5GHz



The main models:



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