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Brand logo:Mayser

Brand introduction:

Germany Mayser a company with 200 years of German companies. Today, Mayser represents the forerunner of Germany and even Europe security fields. Mayser Polymer Electric means security. The safety of products mainly include: Security carpet, safe edge switches, safety buffer protector, safety controller and the ultrasonic sensor, signal transmission system and AS interface safety sensing analysis etc.. Wide application, including: door system, car, train, medical equipment, building and other needed to protect people or equipment field.

Germany Mae MAYSER was founded in 1800, is Europe's oldest, most famous manufacturers, in 1988 MAYSER became the first from the German occupation health and Safety Association BIA certification

Security products manufacturers, 1989 acquisition of safety contact plate of business of SICK company, Germany's largest manufacturers become touch type safety protection device, in 2001 MAYSER became the first integrated security carpet, safety contact plate and safety buffer of the company, the 2005 acquisition of safety protection device manufacturer WAMPFLER, further expand market share and consolidate the leading position in the market.

Main products: Mayser relay, Mayser sensor, Mayser safety edge, Mayser safety cushion etc..

1 ultrasonic sensors



2 safety edge

Mayser sensor



Mayser controller


3 safety pad

Mayser relay




The main models:



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