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Brand logo:Schmalz

Brand introduction:

Schmalz is headquartered in Germany, is a family business, by the family of third generations of the two brothers Kurt Schmalz and Dr. Wolfgang Schmalz management. The two brothers cooperation, the development of Schmalz has become one of the leading supplier in the world today automation, handling and clamp used for vacuum technology.

The main products:

A series of Schmalz products:

Chuck: flat sucker (circular), flat chuck (Tuo Yuanxing), corrugated sucker (circular), corrugated sucker (Tuo Yuanxing)

Special suckers: non-contact magnetic sucker, sucker, sucker, needle type photovoltaic fixture, composite type suction disc

Vacuum generator: basic type generator, linear generator, micro generator, the multi-level generator, pump, blower

Switch: vacuum switches, pressure switches, pressure / vacuum combination switch

Fixture system: fixture system FXC/FMC, system SBX, the whole floor handling fixture fixture SPZ system, vacuum tooling SSP

Manual handling: vacuum tube hanger Jumbo, vacuum lifting equipment Vacu Master, workshop equipment

The clamping technology: for CNC machining center, used for metal or plastic processing, used for manual operation

1 vacuum components

(1) the vacuum sucker

Chuck is the connection between the components and the workpiece handling system, so we must meet various requirements. In order to ensure the safety operation of the vacuum system, select the appropriate suction cup is very important. Schmalz provides all kinds of sucker with different shapes and sizes and materials. In general, the sucker can be distinguished by geometry.

Chuck Schmalz products are divided into ordinary and special sucker sucker two categories.

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(2) the vacuum generator

Vacuum generator can be run through the pneumatic or electric mode. The product vacuum generator is different with the operation principle and performance of different level, therefore, for any particular application, all have the corresponding vacuum generator which provides appropriate vacuum degree.



(3) monitoring equipment and system switch

Play a decisive role in the safe operation of the system of monitoring equipment for vacuum system. Shimaici provides various for measurement and control element monitoring and protection system


2 vacuum clamp system

Vacuum clamp system can be used to automate the process of robot application. The clamp system can be mounted on a robot arm, is a connection between the robot and the workpiece. Vacuum end picking device can effectively clamp multilayer, especially in the logistics process.


3 vacuum handling system

Shimaici vacuum handling system can make the production workflow in the artificial operation more convenient. Vacuum lifting equipment VacuMaster and Jumbo vacuum tube hanger can be liberated from the workpiece loading operation operator. By using these vacuum handling equipment, can make the design process more efficient, ergonomics, and can avoid the damage.


4 vacuum clamping system

Schmitz innovation vacuum clamping system can guarantee the CNC machining center production processes efficient, assembly time is shortened for CNC machining center. The vacuum clamping system can be used in wood, plastic, metal, glass, air and / or solar / electronic industry.






The main models:



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