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Brand logo:Sitron

Brand introduction:

Sitron is a Brazil company, founded in 1978, the production of high-quality electronic equipment, industrial automation purposes. Headquartered in St Paul, and in New York the international sales offices, his acting now is guided to develop specific solutions for industrial measurement and control equipment, production and sales. Their instruments product lines include:

- level measurement and control, through the conductive probe, capacitor, vibration, ultrasonic and hydrostatic pressure. Thermal diffusion flow and liquid level switch

Pressure transmitter, liquid level and temperature

- other relays and special projects

SITRON's remarkable performance, they provide customers top manufacturers commitment, enable the company to continue to invest in technology, improve its products.

The main products: flow switch, flow transmitter, liquid level transmitter, capacitance

1.Sitron flow switch

    Sitron flow switch

    Sitron flow switch


   2.Sitron flow transmitter

      Sitron flow transmitter

    Sitron flow transmitter

 3 .Sitron capacitor

    Sitron capacitor




The main models:


C F12D C

C F420

F420 - RC F420

SC 700U

SC 750U

SC 700DC

SC 750DC

SC 200

SC 404

SC 120







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