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Brand logo:Telemecanique

Brand introduction:

TE appliances (Telemecanique) -- Schneider electric in the industrial control and automation field only global brand

TE appliances brand products for the control and protection of the machinery and equipment, the advanced design, powerful product can ensure that each industry (metallurgy, agriculture, food, automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical, building materials, public works, etc.) and infrastructure (such as water treatment, airport, port, station, tunnel etc.) individual process optimum productivity, flexibility, safety and monitoring.

With more than eighty years of professional technology and the accumulation of experience, TE appliance brand has developed a series of innovative smart products, to ensure that the user, machinery manufacturers, contractors and plate factory to improve its product performance and competitive advantage.

Main products: TELEMECANIQUE switch, TELEMECANIQUE relay, TELEMECANIQUE converter, the combined TELEMECANIQUE signal lamp, TELEMECANIQUE proximity switch, limit switch, TELEMECANIQUE TELEMECANIQUE pressure sensor, TELEMECANIQUE safety relay, TELEMECANIQUE measurement and control relay, TELEMECANIQUE button lights, TELEMECANIQUE plug type relay

    Telemecanique switch



    Telemecanique relay




The main models:






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